Tailor made experiences


Unlike many activity companies, we do not offer a standard list of “one size fits all” products.  We prefer to work with our clients to design tailor made activities that are exactly geared towards the wishes of the group.

Our activities and experiences can consist of many diverse components, and can be delivered in various places throughout the Valencia region.

We are able to provide activities for groups of all ages, from young children to elderly people.  Activities can be provided in either Spanish or English (or both), with native speaking guides.

Tailor made eco-tourism activities in Spain


As a starting point, we encourage clients to outline their requirements and ideas, and we then discuss specific proposals.  Group size, age range, objectives, duration are all key factors here.  Then, we can focus on whether the trip is to be leisure based or aimed at providing a package of environmental education.

Here´s some of the main “ingredients” or considerations we use when designing a trip…

  • Focus & objectives?
  • Group size and age range?
  • Full day, half day or multi-day?
  • Education or eco-tourism?
  • Lunch options?
  • Practical activity or workshops?
  • English or Spanish, or both?
  • Bird life, ecology, conservation or culture?

Our range of available activities are both numerous and diverse.  For specific examples see our page Diverse Activities

Eco-tourism and environmental education in Valencia, Spain

Conservation and environmental education on the Valencian coastline, including a 30 minute litter-picking session


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