Mar 092016

Last Sunday we had the pleasure of organizing a special “Birds & Bikes” trip for a group who were very interested in discovering the Albufera de Valencia Natural Park and its extremely rich biodiversity.

Birds and bikes
We have previously provided an acitivity for this group in 2015, and they were keen to return to Albufera, this time using bikes to explore the park.  Therefore, we designed the bespoke “Birds & Bikes” trip for them, and began our day in the village os El Saler.  Using the network of trails, we made our way across the marsh heading for one of the areas protected nature reserves.



During the trip we made several stops to see the spectacular bird life of the park, enjoying views of hundreds of Flamingoes, Glossy Ibis, egrets and herons.  We also stopped to take a look at one of the owl nest boxes that had been installed by the local conservation project “Project Mussols”.

Once inside the nature reserve, we were greeted by one of the biologists who took us to the visitor centre where she explained how the reserve´s green filters operate.  These lagoons are planted with carefully selected vegetation that naturally clean the water, absorbing organic compounds, thus creating a wonderful habitat for aquatic plants, insects, reptiles and birds.

Excursiones guiadas por el parque natural de l'albufera

The wind was becoming stronger by now, so instead of facing the bike trip back across the marsh, we arranged to be picked up in a traditional Albufera boat.  The return journey across the lake providing a fitting end to a great trip.  The combinaton of “Birds and Bikes” had proven to be very successful and resulted in a memorable day for all.

Birds and bikes

We look forward to welcoming you on such a trip very soon!.

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Eco-Tourism Guides at Visit Natura.


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