Mar 222016

This morning we provided a 3 hour activity at the hostal Ull de Canals for a group of school children from Ibi, Alicante.

The day began with a presentation and open discussion about bird migration, and why Spain as a country plays such an important part in this amazing natural phenomena.

Eco Tourism for children

We then focussed on two species that although common, lead amazing lives and cover huge distances on their migration between Europe and Africa…the Barn Swallow and the Swift.

Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow

There followed an active question and answer session, many of the children showing a healthy interest and enjoyed sharing their thoughts, stories and comments.

After the presentation we went for a walk through a wooded gorge, looking for birds.  We were very fortunate to see a recently arrived Short Toed Eagle, a bird of prey that spends each winter in Africa before returning to Spain to breed.  It´s principal food is snakes and lizards.  As we neared the end of the walk, we also had good views of three Griffon Vultures.

Griffon Vulture

Griffon Vulture

The morning ended with an open discussion on what we can do to protect birds and the environment in general.

It was a pleasure to see children and young teenagers show such interest in birds and the environment.  Hopefully some of them will carry this interest into their adult lives too.


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Written by Dave Warrington.

Eco-Tourism Guide at Visit Natura.

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